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Represented sellers

Guaranteed sale

Every agent submitted house is pre-screened before being listed. Once approved, your clients houses can either be listed on our platform, submitted for instant purchase at our valuation, or both!

Depending on your client's choice, we can close on whatever timeline works best for them. From 3 to 60 days out.

Signing up as a partnered agent takes 20 seconds.

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Seller referrals

Referral bonus

Let us know you've referred an unrepresented seller to OpenReal and we'll make sure you get your cut. Closing takes as little as 3 days and skips the hassle of listings, showings and dealing with repairs on your own.

When a referred seller closes with OpenReal, you will earn 25% of the commission.

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Represented sellers

Innovative approach

Our team of technical experts are using every way imaginable to sell your house if you choose to list with us.

We have incorporated professional photography, detailed reports, 3D virtual walkthroughs, and many more cutting edge approaches to sell your house.

Let us know if you've got any special requests for your listings. We're open to all ideas!

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